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16 Gauge Ammo

Regarding shotguns, the 16 gauge favors its more popular counterparts, the 12 and 20 gauge. However, the 16 gauge has a loyal following among hunters and shooting enthusiasts who appreciate its unique characteristics. This article will look at 16 gauge ammo and what makes it stand out.

What is 16 Gauge Ammo?

The 16 gauge shotgun shell has a diameter of .662 inches and a length of 2 ¾ inches. It was in the late 19th century as an alternative to the larger 12 gauge and the smaller 20 gauge. While it never achieved the same level of popularity as these gauges, it has remained a favorite among some hunters and shooters.

Advantages of 16 Gauge Ammo

One of the main advantages of the 16 gauge is its versatility for various hunting and shooting activities, from upland game birds to waterfowl to small game. Its smaller size makes it easier to handle than the larger 12 gauge, especially for shooters with smaller frames or less upper body strength.

Another advantage of the 16 gauge is its recoil. While it still produces a noticeable kick, it is generally milder than the 12 gauge. This can make it more comfortable to shoot for extended periods, which is important for hunters who may spend hours in the field.

Types of 16 Gauge Ammo

Like other shotgun gauges, various types of the ammo are available. These include birdshot, buckshot, and slugs. Birdshot is typically used for upland game birds and small game, while buckshot is for larger game such as deer. Slugs for hunting larger games at longer distances. Choosing the right type of ammo for your intended use is important. Using the wrong ammo type can result in poor performance and potentially dangerous situations.



While the 16 gauge may not be as popular as the 12 or 20 gauge, it has a loyal following among hunters and shooters who appreciate its versatility and mild recoil. When choosing 16 gauge ammo, it is important to consider your intended use and choose the appropriate type of ammunition. With the right ammo and proper handling, the 16 gauge can be a reliable and effective tool for hunting and shooting.